How To Have Vacations


“To have abundance…BE abundant.”


Summer is here. People tend to plan their vacations when their kids are out of school or when the weather is more agreeable in other parts of the world. Recently, I met an old friend who is also in the mortgage business, but with a different company. She told me that she cannot stand the negativity in her office that is generated by the luck of the business. Hearing that, I boasted that I had the completely opposite experience. I work with many clients whom I am help with their mortgages.

Then we switched the subject to my trips to Cuba, where my family and I vacationed twice last year. She heard about our journey from a mutual friend, who told her that she had joined us on the trip after seeing my photo images. (You can see some of them in my book Soy Cubano.)


And then she asked the question—“How can you do that?” What she meant was—how can I help many clients, manage the company, write three books, write weekly emails, enjoy life, AND take many vacations? When I told her that the answer was in my first book, “The Mortgage Game: The 5 C’s and How to Connect Them”, her reaction surprised me.

“I have to read your book to know how I can do that? You probably just want me to come work for you.”

I said, “You don’t have to work for me to know this. Read the book because in it I write that in life before one can do anything, you need to become someone and this process takes time.”

But first comes the wish—“I wish I can do whatever I want.”


So how do my wife Elfa and I do that? We plan our vacations far in advance. In August, we will stay for a week at the very first timeshare we purchased, in Arnold, CA, located in the Sierras. In December, we plan to go to Cancun, Mexico. On these vacations, I use the time to unwind, to write, and of course to photograph.

This year is financially challenging for our business. As a result, I have to spend more time in the office. But, I see this as an opportunity to start rebuilding the company and create a new reality, which does not depend on fluctuating interest rates. We are focusing more on commercial loans, which requires more of my time. During the year, when we take short trips, we usually go to The Sea Ranch, where we are planning to go for a weekend with friends at the end of July.


Last year, we took a spontaneous trip to Italy, when my wife Elfa, to her disbelief, received a timeshare exchange for a week in Florence (who knows…there might be some surprise this year as well). As Jesus pointed out:

“For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him” (Matthew 25:29).


There was an interesting article about Firenze (Florence) in the Departure magazine. I wish I read it last year before our trip. As you probably have noticed, I like to photograph people on my travels to various destinations. Here, you can see a musician I captured in Florence, a gentleman in Paris, a motorcyclist in Kauai, and policemen in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. More photos can be found in my previous GOOD NEWS FROM DR. MANNY.

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