Welcome To The New Decade


Welcome To The New Decade

As you know, it is customary to greet each other with Happy New Year at the beginning of the year. However this year is different, at least the number is. Actually some of you are well familiar and have used the number before; as in 20/20 vision. This term is used to express visual acuity (clarity) of vision. It has other meanings as well. For starters, the combination of the same two numbers with two zeros will only happen again in 1,010 years. Since neither of us are going to be around in the year 3030 (unless you are planning to reincarnate), let’s take a look at what we should expect in 2020.

Online I found a lot of interesting information about the meaning of 2020, as well as the parts the number consists of: 0,2 as well as 2+0+2+0=4.

NBC News reported 12 reasons 2020 will be an awesome year. Additionally, there is the Angel Number 2020. I found the description very interesting to quote. “Angel number 2020 is an assurance that the angels are ready to support you in life. This means that you have all the reasons you need to live your life to the fullest. Angel number 2020 also appears when you need to create sense of calm in your life”. You might not believe in angels, but I liked the idea of having a sense of calm.

According to the Affinity Numerology, “The energy represented by the number 2020 has a resonance of focus and relationship. It also contains infinite potential.” I liked this one as well. When we take a look at the meaning of the number 2, it represents a composition containing the ideas of relationships, teamwork, companionship, coexistence and diplomacy. The next number is 0, which is the only number that represents all that is, including all potential. It is also a composition containing the ideas of wholeness, inclusiveness, comprehensiveness, infinite potential. And then there is number 4, which is a focus on building a secure foundation for the future.

All of this information sounds wonderful. But what does it really means for each of us?

For me, as I’ve mentioned before, it offers an infinite potential. That means, I can choose whatever I can do, or even better – to be whomever I want to be.

This might sound strange from someone like me, who in four days (if you are reading this on Friday) is going to celebrate seventy-three years of being around, and who has been helping clients to find the best mortgage solution for over thirty-six years. And this is exactly why I suggest that you take it from me and follow the meaning of 2020. But before you do, do not forget to create a sense of calm in your life.

P.S. We started the first day of the new decade with a walk around Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park (to help to find a sense of calm). I think the four abstract images of the reflection in the lake might be a good illustration of what infinite potential and sense of calm really is.

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