How To Start The New Year


How To Start The New Year

Every start of a New Year brings anticipation of good things to come. It might be a misleading feeling, since it’s just another day on the calendar. Nevertheless, according to the Russian proverb, “Horosheye nachalo pol dela otkochalo”, which means, “A good start finishes half of the business.

For me one of these “businesses” is to print my latest book, “42 Encounters with Dog Lovers”. A few months ago, I introduced my readers to the new member of our family, Max our labradoodle puppy. We adopted him on September 4th, and on this date I started to journal about our daily experiences and the lessons I’ve learned from different how-to books about dog training. I already had most of the photos of people with dogs, which were images leftover from my first book “42 Encounters in San Francisco”, which has almost sold out of its first printing. To write about San Francisco was not easy, but what can I say about dogs? Since our last dog Angus, a welsh corgi, died almost fourteen years ago, we often discussed the idea of getting a new puppy. But how could we? Both of us work full time, and we like to travel. We are both seventy years young, and our energy is not the same as when we were sixty-nine. With taking all of this into account, on the date of our 50th wedding anniversary I informed my wife Elfa that I gave a deposit to a local breeder, and our puppy would be ready for adoption at the beginning of September, right after our return from a celebratory trip to Norway.

On Labor Day, we traveled to Monterey, and the idea to record the next forty-two days of our life with Max came to me at the spur of the moment, while we waited in the hotel to pick up Max. This idea to write a book about dog lovers, which I was thinking about for a while, started to take shape.

After 7 weeks, I completed my writing. By Christmas, the editing part was completed as well, and the images were sent to the graphic artist, and he will put everything together to get the book ready for printing. And then I will have a whole year to make 2500 (my first printing order) dog lovers happy. There are millions of people who own dogs and more millions who want to become dogs’ best friends. I am sure that reading “42 Encounters with Dog Lovers” will help them to accomplish that.

P.S. “42 Encounters with Dog Lovers” has only a few of Max’s images as a bonus; the rest are my encounters with people and dogs, many of which will bring a smile to your face and the feeling of love for your four-legged companion. The four images of Max you see here did not make it into the book.

P.P.S. You can start your “42 Encounters” collection by ordering “42 Encounters in San Francisco” now while the books are still available.

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